Sunday, September 8, 2013

Tracy and William - A Park Wedding in the Desert

Today we are remembering one of our favorite couples from the Springs Preserve.  Tracy and William came to Vegas for their destination wedding.  One of our favorite things about this reception was the beautiful DIY centerpieces made with moss, wood, bird statues and cages.  They were amazing.  Enjoy these beautiful photos from The Black Chicken.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Discovery Children's Museum in Las Vegas Lives Up to the Hype

We have been hearing about the newly designed Discovery Children's Museum housed in the same area as the legendary Smith Center in downtown Las Vegas.  Rained out from the pool again, a friend and I decided to load up the kids and finally check it out.  It was amazing!

Discovery is $12.00 per person (ages 1 to 99) for tickets or you can purchase an annual membership.  The museum is comprised of 3 floors of entertaining and educational exhibits for all ages including us old folks!  Our little ones loved the animal sound wall in the toddler room and the puppet show on the first floor (we skipped the water room till the end...). 

The elevator to the third floor was the size of my son's bedroom, able to hold 10 strollers with their families.  When the doors opened, we explored an exhibit based on inventing.  There was also a great activity area with lots of art projects.  In the middle of the building is a huge multi-story play area with stairs, ropes, slides and internal exhibits. 

We followed this down to floor two and lost another good hour to games about nutrition and a huge area focused on what kids want to be when they grow up.  Focus included a mechanic garage, airport baggage processing, fully functional grocery store with groceries and cashier stations, and a veterinarian office.


The kids and the parents started to get tired after three amazing hours and started to head towards the exit.  Ooops, we forgot the water room!  The kids jetted towards the water like it was chocolate.  This room is truly designed to capture the hearts and minds of kids of all heights.

Done for the day, we packed our damp kids into the car with a promise to return soon.  We can't wait to go back!


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