Wednesday, July 2, 2014

DIY Hole in One Floral Arrangement

For that amazing moment when she gets a hole in one, make sure you celebrate! We recently did just that when one of our gal pals got hers. Dinner and an amazing hole in one inspired floral arrangement as the centerpiece of our table. 

We started at the local floral supply store to get a square vase, block floral foam, round floral foam and green wooden dowels.  Then a quick trip to the floral wholesale supply store to get green flowers for the base and white flowers for the ball.

Step one: I cut the block foam to fit the vase and soaked both the block foam and round foam in water.

Step two: Add the green floral that you have found that resembles grass or moss to the block floral.  Simply cut the stems so they are 1 to 2 inches long and gently push them into the foam.

Step three: Do the same with your white flowers and the round foam. We used daisies because they lay flat and you can overlap them to cover the green foam easily.

Step four: Use the green dowels to attach the ball to the base foam.

Now you have your replica golf green and golf ball and you can add your special touches. Here we have a monogrammed golf ball and tee from the course she played. You can add a flag that says hole in one or a myriad of other fun items. 

Don't forget to lightly spray with water so your arrangement will stay fresh!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Overcome the Most Difficult Color Combinations for Graduation Parties

In Ohio, we are already starting to plan for graduation parties for next year.  If you think wedding color schemes are hard, try sticking to the traditional high school color combinations mandated across the U.S.  Our challenge?  Green and Yellow.

I know what you are thinking!  I love mint and light yellow color palettes.  Or how about black with touches of Emerald and Gold?  Wouldn't that be great?  It would but we are talking St. Patrick's Day green and goldish yellow for a daytime event.  You can imagine how quickly a party could start to resemble March 17th festivities or even Fat Tuesday.

But we didn't give up and after a week of looking at inspirational photos on Pinterest and Google, we found our answer.  SUNFLOWERS!

When designing your space, don't forget to design in levels including up!  These are great options and you can get silk ones wholesale for under $13.00 each at Save-On-Crafts.

Loving the idea of a striped runner as the base of the table design.  I wonder what our graduate will choose?

Use any items throughout your graduate's high school experience to add to the decor of the event.  This is a super cute graduation cap that is very DIY friendly!

Add graphics and printables where you can to add that extra pop of green to this color scheme.  I also love the colored straws with different designs.  Super fun and easy to find online.

Cut the stems of the Sunflowers close to the flower itself and place the flowers around the tables for extra decor or use smaller ones on the napkins at each place setting.  They stay fresh throughout the event because they are a hearty floral.  We also love the idea shown here of adding game tables for action stations.
We can't wait to start the planning process and will be sure to share the final product with you just in case you find yourself agonizing over yellows and greens for your next event.  If you have had success with these color combinations, we would love to see your ideas!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Watermelon BBQ - A Fun Way to Celebrate this Summer

I loved the idea of making a BBQ out of a Watermelon but kept thinking this would be so difficult to do.  A few weeks ago, I started to see this project posted on all my friends Facebook pages and decided that I could do it too!  Here are the results from my first try.  If you have been wanting to do this, don't be intimidated. It is super fun and adds a special something to that summer event.

I started with a mini watermelon.  It seemed like it would be so much easier starting with a miniature version.  You will also need a melon baller, a corer, skewers, a sharp pair of scissors, three celery stalks and assorted fruit,

Step One: Cut your melon in two pieces. The top should be a little smaller than the bottom.  Then you will want to scoop all the melon out using the melon baller.

TIP: A seedless watermelon is a good idea!  :)

I also used the melon baller to make rounds of cantaloupe in the same size as the watermelon to use later on the skewers.

Step Two: Use the corer to make three holes on the bottom part of the watermelon BBQ.  The holes will be used for the celery stalks that will become the legs of the project.

Step Three: For the celery, you want to use the biggest stalks so they will really fill in the space the corer created and will support the entire watermelon.  The celery should be similar in length and thickness.  Push them into the holes from the outside of the watermelon.  You will have to cut them so they don't protrude too far out of the top.

TIP: You can add blackberries to the inside of your BBQ to cover the tops of the celery.  They look like charcoal!

Step Four: Create your grill by pushing skewers into one side and out the other.  Here is where you will need those sharp scissors so you can cut off the excess skewers on the back side.

TIP: Have the ends of the skewers where you cut the excess wood facing the back of the BBQ.

Step Five: Add your fruit skewers.  You can use any fruit and make them small (to fit on the BBQ) or longer so they hang over a little bit.  I have cut my skewers in half here.  In this example, we used watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes and strawberries.

TIP: Play with the fruit combination. My girlfriend wanted to use the full range of colors and create a rainbow.  She made larger skewers and included watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, green grapes, blueberries and blackberries.  The only limit is your imagination!

Last Step: Add the lid.  I placed it off to the side but you can place it on the back and toothpick it into place.

Now that I have created my very own fruit art, I decided to see if there are any other projects out there that I could tackle.  My search for other watermelon creations led me to a great baby stroller that was created with fruit for a baby shower.  It seems like a level two project but I know I can do it!

If you have any other great ideas on how to create awesome fruit sculptures, we would love to see them and give them a go.  Share here or send us an email at

Happy Summer!

Friday, May 23, 2014

The Sound of Love

I've seen a lot of beautiful rings in my life but nothing as unique as Jen and Brad's rings.  On their quest to find something truly magical they located a gal in Brooklyn New York who cut the words I do into their special wedding bands. Both Jen and Brad love music. Music is a part of their every day, their jobs and their lives. How better to put their special stamp on their special day then to have the words "I Do" engraved on the rings in the form of a music wave. You can see that each engraving is different. On Brad's ring you see the voice of Jen as she says "I Do" and vice versa. Truly unique!  

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hear Ye Hear Ye - You are Invited to a Knights and Dragons Birthday Party!

Welcome one and all to the world of Knights and Dragons!  We celebrated Gavin's 2nd Birthday in real style at a private residence in Las Vegas.

I started with a one of a kind invitation that I created in Microsoft Publisher.  I like to use publisher because I can save my document as a JPEG or a PDF.  We started by researching some free artwork on google for our images including the old paper background, the strips on the top and the bottom, our courageous knight atop his steed and the fun dragon at the bottom (the dragon was the hardest because I didn't want him to be too scary for this occasion).  Some tips for finding images: use google images and sort at the top by image size to get the biggest size for the clearest images; search for vector based graphics that are in PNG format as many of these don't have a colored background behind the image that you have to deal with; change up your search terms if you aren't finding what you need. 

Once you have found your artwork, then you need to download some fun fonts.  I did a google search for "knight font" and "dragon font" and came up with some great fonts on the web that were easy to download and mix in on my invitation.  I do suggest using a common and easy to read font for the most important text.

To give the invitations that extra touch, we burned the edges with a candle, rolled the invites into scrolls and tied them with a red ribbon before handing them out.  My husband discovered that you can take a stack of invites, roll them, and burn the edges all at once to make it super easy and consistent.  We even used the extras around the house for decor at the party.

 Want to see more of this amazing party?  Check out How to Celebrate with Knights and Dragons to see how it came together!

How to Celebrate with Knights and Dragons

Looking for the most amazing birthday party idea for a little boy?  Knights and dragons are pretty awesome! With the help of family, friends and some amazing vendors, Gavin's 2nd birthday was pretty darn special.

Learn how to make these amazing one of a kind knights and dragons invitations.
Gavin's Party was at a private home in Las Vegas.  We decorated the front yard with a left over invitation scroll hung by a nail on the tree with a shield and two crossed swords.  In the yard, we added blue and red balloons to the very large yard to add a festive touch to the entrance.  Tip: To create a field of balloons, use golf tees in the grass to hold your balloons in place.
To begin our knight training, each little boy and girl received a helmet, shield, blow up sword and a goblet.
The adults used their larger goblets for the specially prepared dragon juice.  Small goodie tote-bags with different knight emblems were used after the party to take home goblets, dragon eggs and other precious jewels.
All the wonderful decor was found at Chasing Fireflies, Oriental Express and Party City.

Of course, the party would not be complete without the movie viewing area inside.  I created a sandwich board from a large poster (just turned backside out) and pasted on some legal sized posters I printed of "How To Train Your Dragon".

We borrowed the rug and stuffed animals from Gavin's room since he happens to already love dragons.

You can use this idea for any movie (Cars is coming to mind with Gavin's recent infatuation with the series of Cars and Planes movies!).

No party is complete without food!  I found some great dragon stickers and attached them to some card tents I printed on heavy paper using a free font I found on google search (search "knight text").

Guests enjoyed dragon dogs (hot dogs in crescent rolls), dragon scales (assorted chips), dragon eggs (metallic easter eggs filled with fruit chews), and dragon wings (chicken wings).  For the adults, we made dragon fire juice with fruit and wine.

 Did I mention the cake yet?!?!?  My long time friend and wonderful baker, Brittany at Cravin' Cakes, came through with a beauty of a cake.  Inside this beautiful, kid friendly dragon is her famous confetti cake.  Although we don't know for sure, we think she uses fruity pebbles for her confetti (SO yummy).  We also had shield cupcakes in assorted flavors for the quick grab and eat guests (aka all the kids).

So cute trying to blow out those two candles from so far away!
A sure way to get your boys to sit down and eat!
Some other touches that we had to share:

  • Cardboard castle with custom signage that says "Sir Gavin" (Chasing Fireflies)
  • Floating dragon for the moat/swimming pool (WinCo) - *Note: Please have a full-time lifeguard on duty at any children's birthday party with a pool*
  • Knight's Changing Room Tent for everyone to put on those swimming diapers (Chasing Fireflies)

Thanks to all our vendors for helping out.  Please visit them to see more of their wonderful work.  For more information or inspiration, please visit us on Facebook!

Venue: Private Home
Castle and Dragon Decor: Chasing Fireflies
Giveaways and Small Decor: Oriental Trading and Party City
Party Planner: Parties by Paris

Friday, May 16, 2014

Say Something Derby

I love big hats and any occasion where I can wear one.  Sounds like the perfect reason to have a Derby themed event!  I have been inspired by so many wonderful ladies over the last few weeks and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you.

The Hats.  I have a beautiful, big, lovely hat without a darn place to wear it to.  How about you?  Take a look at these beauties and don't forget to tell your friends that your Derby Dinner is hat friendly!

When it comes to decor for your Derby Celebration, I am a fan of simple and clean white linens and the traditional red roses.  There is something to be said for classic decor.

Speaking of classic, these julep cups remind me of the classic Mint Julep!  It isn't the Kentucky Derby without one...  I found this great recipe at Bottoms Up.  Make sure to visit their site to see how they make this amazing beverage.

Classic Kentucky Mint Julep

  • 2.5 ounces bourbon
  • 25–30 mint leaves
  • 1 ounce simple syrup
  • ice cubes
  • crushed ice
For the mint simple syrup:
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 large bunch mint leaves

I could go on and on but will leave you with one last inspired item that will make your tummy happy.  The prettiest little Benedictine Sandwich complements of Damaris Phillips.

Please share your pictures and stories of your Kentucky Derby inspired events!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Throw the Perfect Holiday Luncheon - St. Patrick's Day

Nothing is more fun then getting together with your friends and celebrating!  Today we feature the setup for a group of ladies at the Las Vegas Country Club who hosted lunch for twenty women on March 17th.  Our favorite St. Patrick's Day touches included:

  • Shamrock green pashmina giveaways that doubled as chair ties
  • Potted ivy, shamrocks and other assorted plants used on the table to fill in the space and used as takeaways for the guests
  • Menu cards printed on glittered gold card stock
  • Authentic Irish menu complete with "Paddy Wagon" beverages (Whiskey and Persecco = Yumm!)

Floral: ACS Floral and Events
Venue/Food: The Las Vegas Country Club
Pashmina Gifts: Fashion Anything
Chair Rentals: RSVP Party Rental

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wedding Cakes that Tell a Story

It is hard to be unique when it comes to cake design.  The newest thing to hit the internet is the story cake.  Here are two examples, one for a wedding and one for an anniversary.  The question is, do you read it from top to bottom or vice versa?

What do you think about this new craze?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Take a Peek at Caity and Bryan's Sunflower Filled Wedding

Want to add Sunflowers to your wedding but not sure how?  Check out Caity and Bryan's unique and sunflower filled wedding and reception at the Las Vegas Country Club.

Our favorites:

  • White AND Yellow Sunflower Bouquets
  • Sunflower aisle runner
  • Vintage Chevy with Sunflowers in the Bed
  • Bring the Aisle Flowers up to the Reception AFTER the ceremony and add them to your tables

Stay tuned for many more pictures from this amazing event.  Congrats to the couple!

Venue: Las Vegas Country Club
Lobby Floral Display: ACS Floral Design
Photography: Jenna Ebert Photography

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Miami Comes to Vegas - Rain Can't Stop this Wedding!

Jim and Erika were easily the most beautiful couple I've worked with.  More than that, they were the nicest too!  Their families were so excited to celebrate their love!  We made it through the ceremony at the garden in at the Springs Preserve just in time before the sprinkles started to fall.  Most wedding guests would want to run for shelter.  Jim and Erika's guests decided to hang out in the beautiful garden.  "A little sprinkle never hurt anyone!" was actually a direct quote I heard.  I LOVED that!  While the Bride and Groom whisked away to take photos, we moved into the reception hall that was decorated with crystals, white flowers and beautiful uplighting.  We set the room with wooden kings tables and dark brown chivari chairs to bring in tones of the beautiful natural setting just outside the windows.  My favorite part of the night was Erika's dress change.  The skirt unhooked from her dress and reattached the most fun short skirt of feathers that kept her dancing through the night to the after party at the Luxor.  Definitely a night for us all to remember!

Thanks to all the vendors that made this Jim and Erika's perfect wedding!

Venue: Springs Preserve
Photography: Jennie Slade
Uplighting and GOBO: LED Unplugged
Cake: Erika's Brother!
Caterer: Wolfgang Puck Catering

Monday, March 31, 2014

LDS Receptions Made Easy in Las Vegas

I love producing receptions for folks who are having their ceremony in the Temple.  The groups of family and friends that come to celebrate are so friendly and warm.  There is an easiness to the reception that allows you to focus on the couple.  We have our preliminary photos back from Anna and Brian's ring ceremony and reception.  We celebrated with 250 family members and friends for three hours before sending the couple off in style with a spectacular sparkler exit.

Our favorites:

  • Chandelier and canopy lighting above the dance floor
  • Non-alcoholic beverage bar with lemonade, strawberry lemonade and punch
  • Table with cold dessert treats from Rita's with tons of pictures of the couple at this favorite dessert locale
  • Pink, peach and white florals and centerpieces mixed with succulents
  • Live violinist at the ring ceremony 

If you are looking to have a reception for 50 all the way up to 400 people with the ease of a "come as you like" atmosphere, send us a quick note.  We know the best venues in town to accommodate the size and special food setup that will make your planning a "piece of cake".

Thanks to the vendors who helped to make this special day possible.

Photography: Art By Design LV
Cake: Freeds Bakery
Floral: Joanne Spelts
Venue: The Las Vegas Country Club
Cold Desserts: Rita's
Photobooth: Shutterbooth

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Radiant Orchid - How Are You Incorporating the Color of the Year Into Your Event?

Purple is always a popular color with weddings.  In 2014, why not try Radiant Orchid?  It is Pantone's Color of the Year!  We love this pop of color with golds and shades of white but it also goes nicely with varying shades of purple.  Whether it's lipstick or linens, Radiant Orchid is a must have this season.

Submit your photos to or share your link here to share your unique take on this spectacular color.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

How Will You Use Social Media at Your Wedding?

Social Media Web Concierges are the new thing! And now we can offer you the same services that are being offered by wedding venues in Beverly Hills, New York City, Miami and other hotspot cities around the country. Services include:

* Live Tweeting of the ceremony and reception
* Instagram photos and videos and Vine videos
* Curating a unique wedding #hashtag
* Encouraging guests to utilize hashtag and handles as they post to social media
* Set up and maintenance of Wedding Blog before and after the big day
* Wedding social media recap for the couple - a Shutterfly book compete with social media highlights from the planning process and a collage of the best tweets and instagrams sent during the wedding

Rate: $3,000
Inquire for more details or to customize a social media package

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tangerine is the Color of Love

Scottie and Carsen's wedding was a dream come to life.  The venue, the Las Vegas Country Club, was decorated with touches of tangerine, silver and white by the talented Naakiti Floral.  Equally amazing was the Wedding Planner, Priscilla Drozd, who is easily the best in the business.  This amazing day was captured by AltF Photography.

Monday, March 24, 2014

It's a Jungle of a Baby Shower

We recently had the opportunity to put our twist on the popular "Jungle Theme" baby shower for our client's first baby.  When we met with the happy mother (and grandmother), we started from scratch with an amazing blue color scheme focusing on monkeys, elephants and giraffes. After researching themes on the web, we put together an inspiration board to share with the client.  The funny thing about inspiration boards - the client can say, "Yes. I want all of that."

Check out how we recreated this inspiration board and brought the jungle to the Las Vegas Country Club.

Our favorites included:
  • Wooden Elephant Favors
  • Blue fabric draped on the ceiling
  • Diaper cake centerpieces
  • Delicious animal cookies and cake pops
  • Giraffe print linen swatches
  • Animal print popcorn boxes
Visit our partners to create your very own jungle theme baby shower.

Elephant Favors: Beau-coup
Blue Satin and Giraffe Print Linen: Jovani Linen
Sweet Safari Boy Printed Garland, Fan Decor and Brown Strip Paper Straws: Kara's Party Ideas
Diaper Cake Centerpieces: Mrs. Heckel Diaper Cakes
Ceiling Design and Fabric: Layers of Lovely
Venue: The Las Vegas Country Club

4th of July Party Honors Air Force Families

Thanks for all you do!  We had a blast at our July 4th party in 2013 honoring 75 guests from Nellis Air Force Base and Creech Air Force Base.  In total we had 700+ guests in attendance and a great party for all ages.  It's hard to pick my favorites but here are a few:
  • Drone and EOD Robot Display
  • Game Truck
  • Bouncy Houses and Slide
  • Uncle Sam and Hotdog characters
  • Balloon Twisters and Face Painter
  • 20 Minute Fireworks Show
  • Country Club Singers Choir
  • Honor Guard
  • And so many more!

Fox 5 News also joined us and caught some of the fun.  (Video no longer available on their website)

Thanks to everyone who helped to make the Fourth of July Gala a spectacular success!  We can't wait for 2014!

Military Displays - Nellis Air Force Base and Creech Air Force Base
Game Truck - WeGoGamez
Bouncy Houses, Slides, Shave Ice, Cotton Candy - Las Vegas Interactive
Characters, Balloon Twisters and Face Painter - Sin City Entertainment
Fireworks - Lantis Fireworks
Lobby Floral Display - ACS Floral Design
Giveaways and Holiday Giveaways - Oriental Trading Company


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