Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hear Ye Hear Ye - You are Invited to a Knights and Dragons Birthday Party!

Welcome one and all to the world of Knights and Dragons!  We celebrated Gavin's 2nd Birthday in real style at a private residence in Las Vegas.

I started with a one of a kind invitation that I created in Microsoft Publisher.  I like to use publisher because I can save my document as a JPEG or a PDF.  We started by researching some free artwork on google for our images including the old paper background, the strips on the top and the bottom, our courageous knight atop his steed and the fun dragon at the bottom (the dragon was the hardest because I didn't want him to be too scary for this occasion).  Some tips for finding images: use google images and sort at the top by image size to get the biggest size for the clearest images; search for vector based graphics that are in PNG format as many of these don't have a colored background behind the image that you have to deal with; change up your search terms if you aren't finding what you need. 

Once you have found your artwork, then you need to download some fun fonts.  I did a google search for "knight font" and "dragon font" and came up with some great fonts on the web that were easy to download and mix in on my invitation.  I do suggest using a common and easy to read font for the most important text.

To give the invitations that extra touch, we burned the edges with a candle, rolled the invites into scrolls and tied them with a red ribbon before handing them out.  My husband discovered that you can take a stack of invites, roll them, and burn the edges all at once to make it super easy and consistent.  We even used the extras around the house for decor at the party.

 Want to see more of this amazing party?  Check out How to Celebrate with Knights and Dragons to see how it came together!

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