Wednesday, July 2, 2014

DIY Hole in One Floral Arrangement

For that amazing moment when she gets a hole in one, make sure you celebrate! We recently did just that when one of our gal pals got hers. Dinner and an amazing hole in one inspired floral arrangement as the centerpiece of our table. 

We started at the local floral supply store to get a square vase, block floral foam, round floral foam and green wooden dowels.  Then a quick trip to the floral wholesale supply store to get green flowers for the base and white flowers for the ball.

Step one: I cut the block foam to fit the vase and soaked both the block foam and round foam in water.

Step two: Add the green floral that you have found that resembles grass or moss to the block floral.  Simply cut the stems so they are 1 to 2 inches long and gently push them into the foam.

Step three: Do the same with your white flowers and the round foam. We used daisies because they lay flat and you can overlap them to cover the green foam easily.

Step four: Use the green dowels to attach the ball to the base foam.

Now you have your replica golf green and golf ball and you can add your special touches. Here we have a monogrammed golf ball and tee from the course she played. You can add a flag that says hole in one or a myriad of other fun items. 

Don't forget to lightly spray with water so your arrangement will stay fresh!

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