Monday, February 18, 2013

Spa Day - JW Marriott Aquae Sules Spa

Looking to have a spa day with the girls?  We review a favorite local spot on the west side in Las Vegas. 

JW Marriott - Aquae Sules Spa

The Aquae Sules Spa makes you feel like you are outside even when you are inside the private areas of the locker rooms.  The windows in the workout room are from ceiling to floor and overlook the outdoor pool with multiple jet stations.  The locker room is well lit and the spa itself has a huge sky light bringing in the natural light.  It feels like you are outside!  I have visited the property a few times and had an overall good experience although not excellent as you might expect from a JW Marriott property.  Here are a few of my findings.

Staff: Only saw 1 person who was not super pleasant, just there. When my other guests arrived, she directed them to the nail salon and did not allow them the opportunity to put their items in their locker or get settled. No strong focus on superior customer service. I would have also liked a tour explaining the different areas. This was not offered.

Atmosphere: Light and airy with the sound of the water around you.  My last visit was during the winter and I was disappointed to find out I could not enjoy the pool as it was not heated.  The layout of the spa as a whole requires an escort to get to the salon or the specialty treatment rooms.  They have these showers where the water comes out hard from a huge faucet in the ceiling.  I still to this day don't know how to use them properly so I just stay away from them.  They hurt!

Amenities:  They do provide you with slippers, a robe and plenty of towels.  The shower area had shampoo, conditioner and lotion.  There was also hair products available with brushes and other items needed when getting ready to leave.  The major issue I had was the lack of previous items that I had come to expect when I visit.  The spa used to provide tons of fruit, granola and juice so if you worked out, you could have a snack and a pick me up.  The only thing available on my last trip was an apple and a single serve tea bag.  I actually went at 6am to work out and was looking for the juice and granola and was told that they no longer offer it.  They do however have a mini fridge where you can keep anything you bring in or you may now purchase juice.  This is not a deal breaker but I hate it when you come to expect something and it isn't there when you get there.

BTW, if you want to eat after your spa experience, head over to Ceres for the breakfast buffet.  It is fantastic!

Services: The massage I had was great.  I also had my nails done and they did a good job which can be different from some of the chop shops I have been to.  We had our nails done for a wedding and wanted a certain sparkle design.  Unfortunately, they didn't have the right kind of supplies to do the design we wanted. That was a shame but our nails looked good when we were done.

Price: The pricing is right in line with the other local high-end spas in town.  We were able to use the locals 20% discount combined with some holiday specials they were running.  They even let us use some gift cards we had collected as well.  The was EXTREMELY accommodating of them and an unexpected bonus! 

Overall I give this spa experience 3.5 stars!  I had some great services but wasn't able to enjoy the pool.  And in the end, we had a big no no with the payment.  I had held the appointment on my credit card and the rest of my party left before me and tried to pay.  The system was down and they took her info to run the payment later but it ended up on my card at the end of the day!  You will see me back and hope to see some more stars next time!

Which spa is your favorite local spa in Las Vegas?  We'd love to check it out while we are on the search for the perfect spa experience.

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