Monday, September 19, 2011

How to Make a Diaper Cake for a Baby Shower

Let's face it.  Diaper cakes are super cute and a great way to gift diapers to a mom-to-be.  But boy they can get expensive.  Recently, my girlfriend and I decided to make our own 1 tier diaper cake with newborn diapers.  Here's what you need:

Diapers - 1 big box (we had some already so we used those)
Fake Flowers, Large Ribbon & Large Safety Pins - available at Michael's or other craft stores for under $10
Small ribbon - this can be left over Christmas bow ribbon or string (0 cost!)
Any Cake Toppers you want like stuffed animals, baby shoes, keepsakes, etc.

To make the diaper cake, we followed these few simple steps.

1)  Role the diaper up and tie tight with the small string/ribbon.  Do this until you have about 15 and then make one big circle of diapers and tie it all together.
2)  Add additional rolled diapers around the edges until you have gone completely around and then tie again.  Do this until the cake is as wide as you would like.  (Keep the string about the same place on the diapers so the bigger ribbon will cover it)
3)  Once complete, use your larger ribbon and fasten it around the cake covering the smaller string and using a large safety pin as the closure.  Note:  Your larger/wider ribbon should not be see-through so you can cover up the string used to tie each individual diaper.
4)  Add your cake topper.  Fasten with safety pins or clothes pins.  Be careful not to destroy the diapers underneath.  No GLUE.
5)  Cut your flowers and leaves to size and insert them into the top of the cake.  I leave a small stem so they will sit in the cake.
6)  Create a bow with your larger ribbon and add it to the top of the cake.  Tip:  Safety pin it to a leaf or flower to fasten it.

And now you have your very own diaper cake.  It's a lot of fun if you are crafty and saves you a penny too.  Share your DIY crafts for showers with us!  We'd love to hear how you do it yourself!



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