Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How to Get Ahead by Being Social - Importance of Culture

I read this great article and wanted to share it with everyone.  In my field, being social is everything.  If you are unable to connect with your coworkers, staff, clients and vendors, you are only able to do your job at a mediocre level.  I mean, wedding and event planning is part of the hospitality industry!

Here is an excerpt from this really great article on CNN Money.

"Happiness is the greatest competitive advantage in the modern economy," Achor says. "If you can find a way of creating happiness at work, you're 31% more productive, your sales are 37% higher, people perceive you as being more charismatic and you're three times more creative."

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I recently had the great pleasure of putting together a tour with the Las Vegas IIBA group here in Las Vegas of the Zappos facilities in Henderson, NV.  They are known for their workers' happiness, increased productivity, and resulting success.  People pay to take their different workshops on work culture.  I highly recommend that if you are in the Las Vegas area, take a trip to this great facility and get some ideas on how to motivate people at work to increase your happiness and to gain long-lasting results in job satisfaction.

To learn more about a tour at Zappos, go to

Here are some pictures from the tour:

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