Sunday, May 27, 2012

Corner Office - What's a Girl to Do? Part II

Been waiting for more coaching tips from the Nice Girls series?  Here are some additional things you can do to make change in your professional life right away.

"Surround yourself with a Plexiglass shield."  This shield allows you to see out while keeping out the negative and disparaging remarks of others.  It bounces off your shield!  Don't let the naysayers discourage you!  One of my favorite movie line comes to mind, "Don't let the man get you down."

"Create the word on the street."  Write down what you want others to be saying about you then follow it up with specific actions to make it happen.  When I made a change in careers, I knew I was leaving a field where people viewed me as an expert and moving to a field where I would have to prove myself.  This tip especially important to me!

"Recognize resistance and put a name to it."  If someone seems to be resisting your efforts to grow into the position you want, question it.  Ask them why they don't agree with your statement or idea and give them your bullet points as to why it is pertinent and/or a successful idea.

"Ask for feedback."  Ask your friends or trusted colleagues for feedback by using open-ended questions about your actions.  Trust me, people want to be asked to share their views and will impart their wisdom on you more often than not.

"Don't aim for perfection."  You can't be perfect.  Some things we don't excel at, some just don't fit with your style.  Aim to do many things well and the rest will fall into place.  For those of you that are a Virgo (like me), join in me in my quest to stop looking for perfection within ourselves!

Stay tuned as we look at the the #1 mistake on How You Play the Game.

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