Friday, May 25, 2012

Great Hostess Gifts for the Summer

While reading Coastal Living Magazine, I came across some great ideas for hostess gifts that would be wonderful for the summertime.

1. A handmaqde wooden cutting board
I have seen these on television where the boards are cut into the shape of the state you want and they engrave a heart in your favorite city location.  Check out to see more.

2. A vintage-style table game
Check out the many styles of games by Front Porch Classics at  Many come in rustic wooden boxes and are a really unique item.  Games include Classic Baseball (pictured on the left), Mexican Train Dominoes, and Tailgaters Ring Toss among many others.

3. A potted lime tree
Wrapped in a burlap or linen covering over the pot and completed with a bottle of tequila or a six pack of Coronas.  I actually have a lime tree in my yard just for my Coronas!  I've heard you can get these at but I was able to get mine at Lowe's.

4. A grill-mounted s'mores maker
Speaker of home improvement stores, you can get one of these cool contraptions at  Pair it with some marshmellows and other yummys from your favorite specialty store (i.e. and you have a great BBQ addition.

For more ideas, you can check out the 15th Anniversary issue of Coastal Living (June 2012) or check them out online at   Please leave us a comment if you have any of these items and want to let us know how much you like them or if you have any other great hostess gift ideas for the summer.

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