Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dad's Day - Another Tie?

I hate to sound like a broken record but I think Father's Day shopping may be just as hard if not harder than Mother's Day.  How many ties can you buy in a lifetime?  And at least mom will occasionally tell you what she would like if something tickled her fancy.  Let's face it, macaroni sculptures just won't cut it anymore!

So, for the ever creative, share your unique ideas with us so we can wow our dads too.  Here are some ideas I have seen recently that were fun and different.

Adventures:  Check out for some really great ideas.  I just found a great Balloon ride deal on this site.  If you haven't done this, it is a lot of fun.  And it is 55% off for a limited time!  Check it out HERE.  If you aren't in Las Vegas and want to find a balloon ride available in your area, search by city or do a quick google search.

Custom Cards and Photobooks:  Build a custom card at places like Shutterfly with pictures of the family, especially if you have new additions!  This works for Mother's Day too!  Feeling especially creative?  Make a whole photobook.  These are gifts that hit home every time.

Please share your great finds and I will post more of mine as I search the globe for that perfect gift!


  1. While browsing the web I found this really cute car shaped computer mouse that is compatible with PC and MAC. I thought it was so cute that I would share it.

    The Wireless Mouse comes with working LED headlights, and a unique VIN number so owners can register their car, activate a title, and receive a 6 month product warranty.


  2. Check out They have some great articles and the May 2012 issue talks about a new dad's book that defines those indefinable parenting moments called "The Kid Dictionary." Some of the funny phrases mentioned include "brofitti" (bro-FEE-tee): when your child scribbles with marker on the face of a younger sibling.

    This funny new book is written by Eric Ruhalter and is available at for $10. This would be a great father's day gift!



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