Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Angel Park Putt Putt Experience


Looking for your next corporate event that everyone will love?  Check out Angel Park's Putt Putt event.  They have an affordable buffet and putt putt package that works for everyone!  the banquet space has been newly renovated including new furniture and patio access.  It is a great space for 25 to 100 people.  After dinner, move outside to the putt putt course.  The course is nine holes that mimic one of the actual golf courses, sand traps and all.  My favorite way to pick the winner is to separate the scores of the men and women and blindly pull their names out of bowls, combining scores of 1 man and 1 woman until everyone has been paired.  The couple with the lowest score wins!  These pictures were shared from a recent NCMA Southern Nevada meeting held at the club in June 2013.  Happy golfing!

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