Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fun Holiday Biscuit - Gobble Gobble

These fun and festive holiday biscuits are fun and easy to make!  I give them as holiday gifts to my son's teachers, in baskets to my friends for their holiday tables and bring a batch to every Thanksgiving.

Turkey Biscuits – Use Pillsbury Grands™ Flaky Biscuits (Regular, not Butter)

1. Cut  off - bottom 1/3 of biscuit

2. From center of remaining biscuit, score (do not cut all the way through), from middle to outer edge to form a sunrise pattern.

3. Attach the top 1/3 of the remaining portion of biscuit, to the bottom backside of main piece.

4. Wrap the remaining 2/3‘s around the bottom of biscuit, bringing it up and over the center of your “sunrise”.

5. Press the front and back (1/3 each side) together. (So it bakes together)

6. Fold the remaining 1/3 piece towards you, to form the beak of the turkey.

7. Cut a raisin in half or into fourths, depending on size.

8. Push two raisin pieces at the top fold of attached beak, to form eyes.  If they are not securely pushed in, they will pop out during baking and nothing looks sadder than a blind turkey on Thanksgiving!

9. Bake as directed.

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