Monday, August 15, 2011

Baby Showers - What About the Dads?

Baby showers are so much fun.  What better way to celebrate a new addition to the family?  There are so many themes and color schemes and party ideas out there for the perfect baby shower for mom, but what about dad?  Well, you could go with the traditional co-ed baby shower, but try this idea on for size.

We recently celebrated our friends new addition to the family with two baby showers, one for mom and one for dad.  In their community, there is a community house available for little to no cost and was the perfect setting for mommy and only two blocks from the house.  Why waste that space?  Instead, have the guys drop the ladies at the community house and hit the house to celebrate with dad!

Our theme for the guys was a "diaper party".  Each guy brought a box of diapers to the house where we set up a stellar BBQ including meat, beer and a golf net for golfing in the back yard.  You can get one of these golfing nets on ebay or at Target or Walmart.  Set up is a cinch and really adds a manly activity to what could easily be a "girly" themed party.  Don't forget the bloody mary bar!  TIP: There are so many types of olives out there why not try olives stuffed with cheese, almonds or jalapeno?  Another great idea: Cigar rollers are a hit at any man party!

The best part?  When the girls were done, we joined the party.  This is my favorite way to get the whole crew involved in the celebration! The only thing better was welcoming Robbie into the world.

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