Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Convention Anyone?

This week I am at the Information Technology and Security Summit in San Diego hosting the booth for Link Technologies, a Vegas based IT company.  The content is all about IT security and the cloud which is fascinating but let's face it, a bit over my head.  Although I am enjoying the speakers, I love running my booth and meeting all the attendees.  I especially like taking a table and turning it into something that people gravitate towards.  How?  I like to say that someone dropped a box of crayons on a table and that is how we decided on a color scheme.  Color is such an attention grabber!  Why go for the common black or white mug?!?  Stand out by choosing the power color - RED.  Match that with a purple backdrop and you have something pretty snazzy to look at.  It also helps that the boss gave us the best giveaways in the room. 
Not so secret TIP: Have the best giveaway.  Everyone will visit your booth and they will send their friends!  Yes you have valuable things to say so keep your giveaways towards the back of the table so people can't just walk by and swipe.  They HAVE to talk to you and then offer them the gift.

Looking to have a booth in the Southwest area?  Send me a request and I can give you some ideas on how to booth on a budget and give you options to staff your booth (that would be me!) so you don't have to make the trip!

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