Monday, August 8, 2011

Nautical Themes for Weddings

I recently worked a wedding with a nautical theme (yes, you can do this even in the desert).  What a great idea!  To make this successful, you just need to find the right venue and you can have your own nautical theme in any city.  If you are interested in having a similar event, here are some great ideas:

  •  Navy linens are inexpensive in the world of rentals and white is even cheaper!  You won't have to stress the linen budget with this theme.
  • White flowers are abundant.  From white roses, to lilies, to hydrangea, you can find white flowers to easily accent your event.  These three specific flowers will also allow you to use three different heights of glass vases to add dimension to your centerpieces (lilies - tall, roses - medium, hydrandea - small).
  • If indoors, find a location with exposed wood architecture or furniture.  If the ceiling has exposed wood, it will help the feeling of being on a boat.
  • Serving seafood is another great way to keep with the theme.  Shrimp cocktail is a favorite (especially in Vegas)!
Want to throw your own nautical themed event here in Las Vegas?  Let me know what you are looking for and I will be glad to share! 

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