Sunday, August 21, 2011

InStyle InSpired Series - Pick the Right Invite for the Party

Welcome to the first installment of my series of blogs inspired by the book, “InStyle Parties - the Complete Guide to Easy, Elegant Entertaining.”

Invitations - Your First Impression

The options are limitless when it comes to picking an invitation for any event including in-person, phone, printed, engraved, e-cards and many other ideas.  One of the most creative idea I have seen recently was an invite a friend of mine received to attend her neighbors Super Bowl party.  It was a Corona that had a new, home printed label placed on the front of the bottle and was left at her door step.  When we got back to the house, it was such a wonderful surprise!  And set the perfect tone for the event…

Here are some guidelines from InStyle when it comes to picking the right invite.
  • Invitations should share the same feel and level of formality as the event.  
  • For casual occasions, a phone call is a great idea.  This also gives you a chance to spend a minute catching up with people outside of texting or facebook!
  • If you are putting together a last minute event or large group casual event, email is a good choice.  I use but there are a lot of great online options.
  • For organized and/or formal events, use a written/printed invite (weddings, anniversaries, holiday galas).
Some great invitation companies include:
What to include?

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris
Wedding Invitation
The invitations main purpose is to state the reason for the event as well as the date and time.  But just as important to mention is the food and drink.  For example, if it is just cocktails and hor d'oeuvres, set that expectation.  Also, list the location, the RSVP line and any other special information such as if the event is a surprise, registry information, etc.  The invite itself should not need to state the dress code but should convey the dress expected by the invite itself.  If it is a black-tie event, the invite should not be in e-vite format or on a beer bottle!

Timing is everything.

Make sure you send your invitations well in advance.  When possible, start compiling your guest list six weeks in advance.  Invitations should be mailed so they are received two weeks in advance for small events and four weeks in advance for formal or large events.  Got a major holiday event?  Call in advance to mailing the invite to let your guests know to save the date.

Have a unique invite?  Share pictures and vendors information.  We are always looking for something special.

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