Thursday, August 18, 2011

Unique Venues - You Can Find Unique in Las Vegas

So, today I am still at the security convention in San Diego.  We had the customary networking event last night and another vendor (Andrew) and I starting discussing unique venues for weddings and special events.  He happened to be from San Francisco by way of New York City (so any of you from SF, NYC or LV, please feel free to chime in!).  I started gushing about how much I LOVE San Francisco and how I really wanted to find that SF or NYC feel when I was looking for my wedding venue a few years ago.  You know what I mean - the culture of a museum or uniqueness of a large library full of old books or even the vast expansion of a lush, green park that has been there longer than I have. 

Andrew got married in NYC and SF, having two ceremonies so everyone could attend and because they both had families on other sides of the country.  One was at a yacht club in NYC and the other was in a church in SF.  Talk about a wedding!  Even more interesting, I started to name some of my favorite venues in SF and a funny thing happened.  Andrew explained to me that those places really aren't unique if you are from SF.  They are unique to me because I live in Las Vegas and so they are new and different.  This really opened my eyes to the thought of what unique really means.

I turned the conversation to Las Vegas.  Many of us married here were looking for that unique, cultural feel for a large wedding or event.  Keep in mind, these are unique to me, a Las Vegan for 15 years.  Those traveling from out of town just might be looking for their unique (perhaps a casino or the Las Vegas sign).  So to each there own but here are my top pics that I shared with Andrew.

1) Springs Preserve:  You can check out this WEDDING video shot by Memory Lane Video.  This is my absolute favorite place to be on a beautiful Las Vegas day.  It is what we call our diamond in the desert.  If you haven't been there, make sure you make a visit.  Unique only begins to describe it.  Currently it is catered by Wolfgang Puck Catering.  The word is that starting January 1, the Preserve will bring on the Culinary Academy. 

2) Mount Charleston:  One of my fellow bloggers, STYLEMEPRETTY, just posted a beautiful wedding at Mount Charleston.  A winter wedding on the mountain is an unexpected surprise for people who visit Las Vegas for a wedding or event.  No casinos and lots of nature.  Who knew?  Click HERE to check out some amazing views and the decor of this beautiful event.

3)  Valley of Fire: If you love the outdoors, this is a great spot to look at.  The rock formations are stunning and colors are brilliant.  I don't have a specific vendor that I can recommend for this location but would love to hear from any brides out there who experienced this spectacular venue and get their thoughts.  You can google "valley of fire weddings" and see some really breathe-taking photos.

4)  Lou Ruvo Center:  Great on the outside and the inside!  This new location is catered by Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining and boasts some beautiful spaces for small and large events alike.  I have not seen any reviews of weddings here yet.  Who knows, this might be a new hideaway for the bride looking to be super unique!

If you have a Las Vegas venue that you love for any kind of event, please share it with us.  I love discovering new places in our city and sharing it with others.  We do have beauty and culture, it just is a little hidden.  Contact me here if you are looking for a liaison to work with a venue for your upcoming event!


  1. Oh awesome ideas! I would have never thought of Valley of Fire but how cool of an idea is that!

  2. Thanks for the comment Amanda! It is a unique idea for sure. There are some great pictures online worth viewing.



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